Baked with heritage

We’re a North-East of Scotland third generation family business obsessed with creating bakery products with a distinctive character. We care about producing pastries and savoury snacks that look good and taste great. A range of products that both reflect our heritage – such as the world-famous Scotch Pie and the legendary Aberdeen Buttery – and which we also continue to innovate and improve to meet the changing tastes and expectations of our customers.

Passionate about our product and reputation

Because we don’t just care about our products, we really care about our customers too. Whether it’s national supermarkets, regional wholesalers or the many loyal and local customers who visit one of our six shops, we want to make sure they enjoy every experience, every visit, every bite.

Character that cares

And we also care about our employees – and always will do. We are one team, where everyone is made welcome, and where everyone is looked after. We work together to ensure that our unique baking knowledge, experience, and skills are passed down to a new generation. And with more than 150 employees now working with us across the North-East, we’ve united under one banner to create a single distinctive culture: hard-working, honest, reliable, and constantly driven to create products baked with character.

What our customers say

We absolutely love your bakery, especially the butteries!

Julia Zanré
Star Star Star Star Star

Murdoch Allan, hands down makes the best butteries in the world.

Prem Reynolds
Star Star Star Star Star

We ordered a Baker’s Box from Murdoch Allan and it was so good we now make it a regular weekly order.

Fraser Mackie
Star Star Star Star Star

I came across your mini butteries in a supermarket and would like to say they are excellent! Great for kids too – please don’t stop making them.

Julie Mcallister
Star Star Star Star Star

Lovely staff, lovely food, they have just delivered my bakery order to my house – thoroughly recommend.

Wendi Milne
Star Star Star Star Star

Murdoch Allan is the best bakers ever!

Yvonne Chalmers
Star Star Star Star Star