At Murdoch Allan we are proud of the strong relationships that we have with our retail partners. We’ve collated a ‘bakers dozen’ reasons why you should stock our brands in your store.

With over 160 years of experience producing premium-quality baked products, Murdoch Allan is positioned as the North of Scotland’s family-run bakery. We have built a reputation for using the finest ingredients, traditional recipes and methods to deliver a consistent craft product for you to stock in your store.

Murdoch Allan is the proud home of the famous Aberdeen Buttery and Aberdeen Pie. These beloved Scottish delicacies have been enjoyed for generations, and the bakery continues to use traditional recipes and methods to produce them to the highest standards. Customers can taste the rich history and culture of Scotland in every bite.

The Murdoch Allan bakery brand is well respected in the North East of Scotland. With over 160 years of baking craft that goes into our high-quality products. We have built a loyal customer base who recognise the quality of our baking. Every product is baked with character.

Murdoch Allan prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. By supporting local suppliers and farmers, we ensure the freshness and quality of our products while also reducing our carbon footprint. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in their delicious and ethical baked goods.

Murdoch Allan offers a free first order to wholesale customers, allowing them to review their delicious baked goods without any financial commitment. We believe this offer helps build trust and confidence and presents a guarantee of the quality of our products. You can be confident that each order will offer the same quality and sales experience.

Murdoch Allan offers a great range of point-of-sale materials to wholesale customers. These materials help promote our products in retail environments, increasing visibility and helping to drive your sales. We are committed to supporting our wholesale customers.


Murdoch Allan is a trusted supplier of bakery products to major UK supermarkets. With their commitment to quality and consistency, they have built a reputation as a reliable partner for retailers across the country. Their delicious baked goods can be found in stores nationwide, bringing the taste of Scotland to customers across the UK.

Murdoch Allan offers a range of delicious vegetarian baked products, including cakes, biscuits and pastries. While some products contain dairy or eggs, the bakery ensures that all vegetarian options are clearly labelled, so customers can buy with confidence.

Murdoch Allan offers a great range of baked products for retail, including prepacked or loose options. From our world-famous Aberdeen Buttery to Cakes, Biscuits and Pastries to Savoury Snacks. With our commitment to quality and freshness, customers can trust that they are getting the best possible products.

Murdoch Allan offers a high margin on return for retail customers. By providing our quality baked goods at competitive prices, we help retailers increase profits while delivering value to their customers. This commitment to customer success is reflected in everything we do, from product range to marketing support, you can count on us.

Murdoch Allan is committed to building long-term relationships with customers. We understand that trust and loyalty are essential in business, and we strive to earn and maintain them by delivering consistent quality, excellent service, and tailored solutions.

Murdoch Allan is owned and managed by Paul Allan a 3rd generation baker following a rich tradition and history of baking expertise that has been passed down. The fact that Murdoch Allan has been in the hands of the same family for three generations speaks volumes about the passion and dedication to baking that runs through the family. Our products are truly baked with character.

Murdoch Allan has won numerous awards for their baked products, which is a testament to the quality and excellence of our products.
We recently won top awards at the World Pie Championships for two years back to back – it’s another reason to try our products.

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