Some call it character; the essence of what makes us, what defines us, what we are.
It can be seen in our actions and heard in our voice. It is how we’re seen in the world and what we are known for.

Baking heritage

Character is the singular trait that has driven generations of our family to create something fresh and different. It has driven us to embrace the full richness of a baking life, and to take the time to create products that taste as good as they look.

Today, we celebrate our family’s baking heritage with a range of world-famous pastries and savoury snacks – that all have their own unique flavours and characters. And as always, in life and baking, it’s what’s inside that matters the most. Baked with character.

Hard-working, honest, reliable,
full of character

All for one and bun for all

And we also care about our employees – and always will do. We are one team, where everyone is made welcome, and where everyone is looked after. We work together to ensure that our unique baking knowledge, experience, and skills are passed down to a new generation. And with more than 150 employees now working with us across the North-East, we’ve united under one banner to create a single distinctive culture: hard-working, honest, reliable, and constantly driven to create the very best products which are baked with character.