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December 12, 2022

The Historic Aberdeen Buttery from Murdoch Allan

The history of the Aberdeen Buttery can be traced back to the fishermen of the North East coast of Scotland, who used it as a source of energy for their long voyages at sea. Historically a mixture of fat and salt, often including meat dripping, gave it a high calorie content and a long shelf life – features which ensured its popularity with the seafaring communities.

The first written reference to the Buttery was in 1899 when an Arbroath street seller’s basket was said to contain “butteries”. But it wasn’t until 1917 that the iconic local product gained wider attention. The Press & Journal and Evening Express reported on the danger facing Butteries or Rowies due to war regulations and price controls implemented by the government. Despite local bakers arguing that it wasn’t classified as “bread” under the regulations, a ban on production was still put in place.

Fast forward to today and Murdoch Allan is flying the flag for the Aberdeen Buttery, they have continued to make this historic snack using only locally sourced ingredients according to their original recipe – ensuring that this delicious treat remains an important part of Scottish culture and tradition today.